«Last Hours of Camilo Cienfuegos» – Jaime Costa Chávez

«Last hours of Camilo Cienfuegos».

The content of this article is a translation of Chapter X of the book “The clarion plays at dawn”, (El clarín toca al amanecer), story told by Commander Jaime Costa Chavez about the last hours of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos. This book is banned in Cuba since it contains a direct accusation against Fidel Castro, who appears as the main responsible in Camilo’s death, something that government elite has always tried to hide from the people.

From the 37 chapters of the book, Chapter X is the only one that gives details on this sad page of our history, and as far as I know, the book was never translated to the English, but due to the importance of this fact, I decided to at least translate this chapter so the people may have an idea of the real story that hides behind the myth the Castro regime created to present it according to their purpose,  simply as an accident, when it was not more than a murder.

There is no reason why not to believe the author’s testimony, because the information he provided was enough to identify the exact spot where the killing took place, an airstrip in the middle of Ciénaga de Zapata, and although is was completely demolished, I think it would be impossible for Raúl Castro to deny its existence, because those involved in the crime left clues behind that made possible its discovery. It is evident that the remains of Camilo’s airplane were buried nearby, under the trees that were planted in the area with the intend to conceal the fact that an airstrip could have ever existed here.

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